WordPress and the Author

Sounds like the title to an upcoming work right? It would seem that our friends at WordPress have a bee in their bonnet about authors promoting essentially their own work or the work of other writers on third party websites. I ask, what is the point in having a blog to promote our books if we are suppressed by a site that inhibits business? It is difficult enough to get works sold these days as it is. Given that most of us list and sell our books on places like Amazon, Kindle, Smashwords and the like, surely being able to promote such sites could only be beneficial to wordpress in the long run. I’m told that wordpress has even begun to shut down and delete author websites for what they call a breach in policies and yet, if I look to my immediate right, I see a screen that enables me to post here and share directly to facebook AND twitter, both of which are platforms upon which I, and I’m sure I’m not alone in this, have placed adverts for my work.

In short SORT IT OUT WORDPRESS!! Or I think many an author, either booted out or not, will take their blogs somewhere else in future.

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