Any writer will tell you that sometimes, you just can’t find the words. I have to admit, these last few weeks tied up with promoting, learning, tentative questions to editors not to mention jotting down random words for the sequel coming, has lead me a little to distraction to say the least. Yesterday, for the first time in a good couple of weeks, I managed to get some uninterrupted writing time in, rattling off a thousand words in Salby Evolution.

It’s early doors yet for this book, deciding how to make it bigger and better than the first and trying to apply everything I have learned since publishing that one, so that I don’t make the same mistakes again. There are times when I simply don’t know what to write, when I question which way the story should go and, even while writing, I try to look at it from the point of view of the reader which sometimes just adds more confusion. That said, since taking the nerve-racking step to publish my first book, all thanks not least to my sister Helen for spurring me on to write a full novel in the first place, it has opened my eyes to the good and not so good side of the book publishing world – things I never would have thought.

What I can say, based upon my experiences so far, is that there are some STUNNING independent authors out there who write some amazing stories and are, by their nature, only too happy to help anyone having published or thinking about publishing their first book. Book sales are hard to come by unless you have very deep pockets for marketing and advertising and even that is a mine field for new writers, everyone wants a piece of your pie and some take without earning it. I’ve made some great writer friends – people I trust and by the same token, have also seen the darker side to publishing but it hasn’t put me off and neither, should it put anyone else thinking of writing their own story off. There will ALWAYS be a place in this world for a good story, no matter which generation reads it.

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