Yesterday I released the first four chapters of Salby Evolution to a TRUSTED author friend of mine to read and comment upon for me. Just to see if it follows the same lines as the first book and knits in as the sequel.

It occurs to me that there could be a great story to be told about the publishing industry itself, plenty of plots and twists to be found, intimidation techniques by the million, deceit, and misleading information seems to be rife also. Kinda makes you glad when you only write for pleasure. Fortunate then, that Independent Authors are on the rise, and long may they do so. There is a story in every one of us just waiting to get out and I believe that more people should write and indeed read, given that technology these days is moving so fast that the youth of today feel the need to text each-other in shorthand. I don’t remember my youth being quite so busy, but then, I was at work by the age of 15.

Still currently reading Flawless – Dawn M. Garcia and this book just gets better as it goes along, especially if you make it past the first thirty pages 🙂 I’ve a few more indie author books to get through on my kindle yet, a quick glance through the available titles when I’m done, tells me that I’m not going to run out of stories to read any time soon. As for the books that I’ve read so far, to name a few Caught Up – M. Lemont, a very emotionally charged diary almost, written from experience it would seem and makes for a very interesting read. Angels Blood – Sallyann Phillips, a first book by this author and I found it captivating and a far better read than other so called “professionals” in the same genre. Long may Sallyann continue if that is the quality of her stories to come. Behind Him All The Way – Erika Foxx and an exploration of the erotic genre of “shorts” stories. This is a powerful little book full of spice that really gets your mind working.

After Flawless, the next read will be Dark Pool – Helen Hanson which, given the synopsis, does look very good indeed, stay tuned to see the review for Flawless. Have a great week everyone!

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