Spartanica – Powers Molinar, my review of this work.

spartanica cover

This was my first delve into the SF/Fantasy genre of books and I have to say, what an impressive way to start. We pick up the story in a situation I can relate to, having an older brother with whom I didn’t always get along but would, even to this day, be lost without.
Marcus and Ty (Marconis and Tymaeus) begin a quest to find out who they truly are, catapulted back to another world, in another time dimension, which to most kids would be really freaky but to them, slowly becomes all too familiar. Things become much clearer as the story progresses with the introduction of Bellana, the boy’s estranged sister into the plot, along with a whole host of characters that Powers manages to paint quite a picture of.
Powers somehow manages to write each scene with brilliant detail, even creating his own language, phrases and numerical system along the way which, oddly enough, by the end of the book becomes second nature to read (yup, I figured out the number 8 later on in the book all by myself!) The storyline is, without a doubt, brilliant! Action a plenty right from the word go but you do have to remember, reading as an adult, that this book was originally written for a much younger audience.
I liked the fact that time was spent creating actual, believable characters and scenes, it is possible to imagine such a world. You get a real feel for the main characters and a great twist at the end with one particular character, even I didn’t see that coming – well done!
This book has quite evidently been given a lot of thought both in it’s execution and formatting, even boasting a miniature map at one point to guide the reader further into the current scene.
I know when I’ve read a really good book, when I reach the final page, the final line and the page closes, I’m left thinking, what’s next? What happens next? This book does just that for me, it has me eagerly awaiting the sequel to this story so that I can catch up with the characters in this far away world that I’ve come to like, not to mention the darker elements too.
To summarise, this book, even reading as an adult, had me intrigued from the word go, I read it in just a few days which is rare, usually I read bits here and there. It’s got everything a child or young adult should find appealing along with a brilliant storyline. I have given this a well-earned 5 stars and congratulate Powers on what is going to be a very difficult book to beat having set the benchmark with this debut novel so high.

Spartanica by Powers Molinar is available to buy on Amazon in paperback and for Kindle users, like me. This book has my vote from someone who promises to be a great Indie Author in the coming years, one I’ll be following with interest.

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