Flawless – Dawn M. Garcia, My review of this book


Firstly, let me stress that I am not of the religious disposition, having an open mind and an equal regard for all religions. When I first started this book, I was greeted by many a psalm and quote from the good book which is a nice touch.
The story centers around a seemingly very unlucky lady in the form of Kat who appears to have stepped from the path of God and belief in her faith. Events in her life converge which sends her life spiraling downwards to the point of destruction until a mysterious man comes into her life in the form of Jared. Now, from the start, Jared had me a little puzzled as to his true identity, being the sceptical person that I am when it comes to stories. The character is a professional SEAL soldier, capable of ruthless tactics and yet seemingly with every best intention for Kat and daughter Kayli. As the story unfolds, we see a string relationship develop between the two lead characters, the twist being that Jared had a twin brother, killed in action that Kat had thought was him, the man she fell in love with many years before.

Throughout the story we are given glimpses into the strong christian religious beliefs of both the characters and indeed, the author, along with the ability to paint detailed scenes and personas of each individual. The oddity of the book is the satanic rottweiler who seems to keep coming back for more. He’s a character that we have to wait almost until the end to find out more about. A good suspense element, I thought. The general storyline is very well written and despite the sometimes strong religious implications, I found the book to be easy to read and at times totally enthralling. The professional attributes of the lead character are very well portrayed, based, I suspect, upon the professional attributes of the author herself. Always a good idea to have first hand knowledge of what you’re writing as this makes it a lot more believable.

This book has been a great insight into a genre (the religion based author books) that I probably wouldn’t ordinarily go for, given that I don’t generally like ANY religion forced into my world. With that in mind, I hold an equal respect for anyone, irrespective of their beliefs, who has the ability to tell a good story. In my opinion, Dawn M. Garcia certainly knows how to do that with this book and I really enjoyed it. I have given it a well-deserved 5 stars as I think it is very well formulated with good plot lines and very well written characters. Congratulations on this first work Dawn, it sets a high bar for the future. (less)

You can purchase Flawless on Amazon for kindle and via goodreads.com

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