Patrick Christopher Power – Darkly Wood, epic!!

My review of this book says it all, money well spent !!!!
Darkly wood
Enter the macabre world of Darkly Wood, dreams or reality calling?, 6 Mar. 2015
This review is from: Darkly Wood (Kindle Edition)
Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin … Those words have remained ingrained in my memory for almost 35 years. They are synonymous with a program of the 1980’s called Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Anyone from that era should also remember Tales of The Unexpected which followed once a week. These were programs suited to anyone with a slightly darker disposition and for me, even at that age, they fed my imagination. Now, I hear you ask, what does this have to do with Darkly Wood?
I picked up this book, well, the kindle, to be more precise, and began to read with gusto. Now, I’d never read anything by Max Power, let alone read many by any other indie authors so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. The start of the book really sets the mood and for me and it only gets better the further into the secrets that Darkly Wood itself holds at its heart. Our heroine comes in the form of Daisy May Coppertop who proves to be quite the adversary to the all powerful “Woody” in an utterly masterful depiction pieced together in a series of masterfully written macabre tales.
For me, Patrick (Max) Power’s style as he created this story was nothing short of being reminiscent of that I remember listening to as a boy sat watching Alfred Hitchcock. Each and every story has its own merits without being combined as they are, in doing so, what has been created is, without a doubt, one of the most enthralling reads I have read in quite awhile. I am not ashamed to admit, such was his ability to create realism in this story, there were a couple of occasions when I actually felt the shiver run through me and that, in any book, takes some doing.
This book, this author, is testament to the quality that relatively unknown writers can produce and I have no doubt that in the future, this is one author that a lot more people will be fortunate enough to discover. He has certainly gained another fan in me, justifiably so. You will notice that throughout this review, I have resisted the urge to relate the story and plot, this is because you should read it for yourself, based on the reviews you see and the curiosity that I do hope they create inside you.
Well done Patrick (Max) Power, I could rate this no less than five stars.

2 thoughts on “Patrick Christopher Power – Darkly Wood, epic!!

  1. A good review on a great book Ian and a well-deserved 5*. I thoroughly enjoyed Darkly Wood and went on within a few days to read Patrick’s other work, which maintain the same level of suspense and mystery, although totally different in plot.

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