Indie v Page Numbering in Office Word 2010

I thought I’d share this with other indies who will, if using Microsoft Office Word to create their respective masterpieces, will at some point have to tackle the problem of page numbering. Ok … if this is something you’ve been tearing your hair out about how to do then read on, I will try to explain it in points as I go along.

So, you’ve got your story written, your title page is prepared, as are your acknowledgements and dedications pages.

Step 1

At the very end of your title, you’ll press return and enter your author name to create your cover page. At the end of your name, you need to add a “Section Page Break”

Firstly, click the pilcrow symbol on the “Menu’s” screen – it looks like a backwards letter P. This will show you all of your line breaks, page breaks and formatting. Firstly, remove the page breaks if you inserted them on your title page, be sure to use the DELETE button, NOT the backspace!! Then follow these steps.

Click your cursor to the end of your name, below your book title. On the top row of Office Word 10 you’ll see a tab that says “Menus”. Click this tab. This will open up a new menu rail, one of which will say “Insert”. If you look to the bottom left of that tab, you’ll see what looks like an open book. Click that. A scroll down menu will appear, go to “Breaks” which will open up another menu in which you’ll see “Section Break – New page” click that. Congratulations, you’ve inserted your first ever section break.

Step 2 

FIRST repeat the process of removing page breaks from your acknowledgements page and dedications pages if you have them, as detailed above.

Now, go to the first page you have with numbers on, if you already numbered them. If not, skip this bit …

If you did, double click at the bottom of the page, this will open up the header/footer feature and display header/footers on your manuscript. Next, delete the first page number, this should delete all other page numbers in the process. Place the cursor next to the number and use DELETE, if that doesn’t work, BACKSPACE it. You should now have an un-numbered document once again.

In the header, you’ll notice to the left a tab in the header itself that says “Same as previous”. In pages that you DON’T WANT NUMBERED leave this tab there. It basically creates a four page section i.e. Title, Legal Stuff, Acknowledgement, Dedication that will not have numbers.

Now, this next bit is important. Click EACH of the four pages in the header, you’ll notice that the top menu screen in word has already changed to header/footer feature. In that feature you’ll see a series of small check boxes Different First Page, Different Odd/Even and Show Document Text. If you click ANY of the headers in the first four pages you don’t want numbered, and see the “Different First Page” box checked, UNCHECK IT.

Step 3

We need to tell word that your document starts from Chapter 1.

Scroll down to chapter one, click inside the header. At the top of word, you’ll see the unchecked box “Different First Page” check this box. In the header of chapter 1 you should now see “First Page Header Section (number)

Step 4 

Click in the footer section. In the top word menu, you’ll see “Link to Previous” highlighted in yellow, click this box to unlink your pages. Do this on page two as well, and page three header and footer, BEFORE YOU number it. YOU MUST DO THIS ON ALL HEADER AND FOOTERS IN THE FIRST TWO PAGES OF YOUR MANUSCRIPT.

Once done, double click the centre of the footer on page 2, this will align your cursor to centre.

Scroll down to chapter one, page one footer, click your cursor into that. At the top menu click “Insert” then move left to “Page Number” and click. Choose, left, right or centred, in this case centred and click.

Chapter one now has a page number 1 at the bottom, centred.

While you have your cursor flashing away at the nice new number 1 on the bottom of your first page, check the box at the top that says “Different Odd and Even Pages”.

Next, double click the middle of page two, this will align your cursor to the middle of the footer.

Next, click on the “File” tab in word menu. Now click back to the footer on page 2 then scroll up to “Page Number” and click insert, left,right, centred. Once you click this, you should have the number 2 (centred) on page 2.

Repeat this process for page 3.

You should find that when you repeat on page three, word will automatically number the remaining pages.

Close header/footer menu. Uncheck the Pilcrow symbol.

Say “thankyou” on the wind to me 🙂 Your word document now has numbers that begin from the story start. CONGRATULATIONS :’)

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