Author Profile Lesley Hayes and her novel “Round Robin”

If You get the opportunity to read one of Lesley Hayes books, take it and enter the world of a fascinating indie author’s imagination… you won’t regret it .


24619818Today I am going to introduce a very talented writer with a large body of work and a wide range of genres: Welcome Lesley Hayes. I sent Lesley a set of questions and below you can find what she wrote in response to them.

Here is the blurb and my review of Round Robin, my favourite of her books – but then, I have not read all of them, yet. On a deceptively peaceful morning in rural Oxfordshire a bolt from the blue splinters the surface of Robin’s familiar world and pitches him into uncertainty. By the end of the summer holidays he will be eleven, and until now has been looking forward to starting secondary school in September. But a much greater change than he could have imagined is on the horizon. It isn’t just Robin’s world that undergoes a radical transformation. No one in this novel remains untouched…

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One thought on “Author Profile Lesley Hayes and her novel “Round Robin”

  1. A good choice for a repost. Lesley is one of the finest indie writers I’ve had the pleasure of reading in recent times. I’ve read more than one title by this talented lady so I know she’s not a one-trick-pony. Treat yourself and pick up a title by Lesley Hayes.


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