My Review of Nico Laeser’s – INFINITY

An epic piece of writing!


Infinity – It seems like such an incongruous word in a world that strives for order, a world lead by technology that shapes our very lives to the point that it can change the way we eat, sleep and work. Nico somehow manages to take the lead character, a seven year old boy, doing what ordinary seven year olds do and from there, create a truly mesmerising account of his troubled life – seemingly after death. The narrative is beautifully created in such a way that emotions felt by the boy are transferred to the reader, in doing so, the different levels upon which this story is created become apparent. There are so many layers folded neatly upon each other that this novel will have you thinking about it long after you have put it down – and that’s not easy to do. Such was my captivation with this book, the need to follow the harrowing young life as it unfolds into violence from his father, ignorance and denial from his mother, to an almost natural state of progression spiralling downward, that I found myself reading well into the night. I cannot say that there is a definite turning point where my perception of what might come began to peak, I can though, state hand-on-heart that this book is quite profound in it’s perception of life, of it’s true meaning and of the notions and expectations of redemption that we place upon higher powers. Viewing the world through the eyes of first the young boy, mistreated and made to feel worthless, right through to the teenager and young man, there were many times when I would have jumped head-long into the story to save him from further harm, to guide him. Having now finished the book, I can see that my actions would have been futile – not least because from the very first line, the young boy is already on the path to saving himself – it’s just that we, as the reader, don’t have the perception to figure that out at that point.

The ability of the author to depict scenes in the readers mind’s eye is nothing short of staggering, I could see the artistic impressions that emanated from somewhere deep inside the lead character, impressioned upon stretched canvasses, as if I were looking over his shoulder at the finished piece. The feeling generated by the descriptive chapters about the effects of narcotics upon the younger boy, coupled with the inevitable growth to stronger, more addictive substances sees him hit rock bottom to the point where I thought there might be no recovery but then, as the story begins to morph with subtlety, we find that the beginnings of enlightenment find their way into the readers mind until BAM! I finally realised what the journey was about and it left me completely in awe.

This novel is nothing short of fantastic, it epitomises everything I could hope for in a story and yet, there isn’t an explosion, sex scene or overly oppressive character in sight, save for the spider. I have Nico Laeser’s Skin Cage primed and ready upon my Kindle and I’ll be getting to that with great expectation having been blown away by Infinity. This author just earned himself another dedicated fan – justifiably so.

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