It’s Been A Funny Year

Now I know you may think that we’re only in May and you’d be right, however, being a night worker, my days, weeks, months and years all seem to roll into each other. It’s been a while since I blogged on here and, not without good reason. Our family, my shielded, protected and loved by me family has fallen prey to the dreaded C Word not once, but twice in under 8 months. Two people taken from us that we so dearly loved. The effect, as you can imagine, has been devastating.

In trying to come to terms with the loss of two people I felt a strong affinity to, I asked myself what I could do to thwart this cruellest of diseases that seems to be on the rise. I’m not much of a runner, not much of an entertainer either and climbing a mountain or bungee jumping probably wouldn’t have the desired long-term effect that I had in mind. Instead, I put out a call to the Indie Authors Review Exchange, a group of 500 or so struggling indie writers and I asked them:

Would you like to write a short story to be included in an anthology, that we can donate to Macmillan Cancer Nurses?

Those were the only details I had at the time but I posted it none-the-less and within days 26 writers had come back to me. And so it began. The theme was set as “Relationships” which is a very diverse topic – with a little imagination and creativity applied. I soon contacted the charity to see what needed to be done and set about writing my own entry for the compilation. From the group, trusted members such as Lesley Hayes, Diana J. Febry, Nico Laeser, Sallyann Phillips and the lovely Sylva Fae – all authors in their own right, soon formed an editing review team to work through each entry. Nico came on board to manage cover design and creation and formatting. We also had a very generous offer from Sylva’s mother Christine, a very talented artist who has agreed to design a unique cover for The Anthology.

So far, we have 22 completed stories ready to go, another four or so to come in, cover design is on the way and a title has been chosen. What began as an idea is now coming to fruition daily. I have begun the marketing phases to get the word out there, if you’re reading this, please reblog it and ask people to keep an eye open for more details as we complete this project.

4 thoughts on “It’s Been A Funny Year

  1. You’ve looked your heartache in the eye and determined to do something positive with it, rather than let it swallow you. I am full of admiration.

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    1. Thank you Julia. I am not a man of much emotion, find it hard to grieve as such, better I put such feelings to good use to help others who face the same or similar scenarios, in that way it sort of makes some sense in the passing of those we love and care about. Creating this anthology, having the support of some very talented friends who answered my call for help, has been the most therapeutic thing I could wish for. It gives me a sense of closure and hopefully sends out a signal of light and hope to anyone dealing with a loss. Thank you for your support and kind words, it means a lot.


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