Interview with author Ian D Moore, author of “Salby Damned” and driving force behind charitable anthology “You’re not Alone”

By the brilliant author Christoph Fischer. I really appreciate this!



Today I have the great pleasure to introduce Ian D Moore, the gifted author of “Salby Damned” , a fascinating and breath-taking thriller that blends environmental and humanitarian issues into a gripping Zombie story line.

The Shale Gas Fracking Corporation’s drilling has catastrophic viral consequences and a cure must be found while humans have to defend themselves against the Zombies.

With two interesting main characters, a freelancing journalist and a council leader, the book has also a spark of romance flying around and great chemistry. They are very likeable and not your usual stereotypes, giving the story more bite and substance.

If you like a good Zombie story, stories about corrupt corporations, great heroes and good action then this is definitely for you. Enjoy.

Ian is also the driving force behind “You’re not alone” a charitable short story anthology in aid of MacMillan Cancer Care. 

This is the first in a series…

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