Why do a Free Giveaway of Your Book

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Why do a Free Giveaway of Your Book. I’m in the midst of running a promotion on my book Going Under (free June 25-29). There is some debate on whether or not authors should give their work away for free. I’ve analyzed both sides of the argument and in the end, decided to go ahead. I don’t know if it’s the best way to go, but this is an experiment. In fact, marketing of any kind is an experiment. There’s enough work that goes into writing a book, I can see why some might not… Continue reading Why do a Free Giveaway of Your Book

Free Urban Thriller Ebook – Going Under by Silas Payton

http://www.amazon.com/Going-Under-Bill-Roberts-Thriller-ebook/dp/B00SIEY416/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8 While investigating three unexplained deaths, Inspector Bill Roberts finds himself in the middle of a retaliation, after a biker gang moves in on mafia territory. With few leads and increased scrutiny by the Chief of Police and the Mayor of Toronto, he tries to track down whoever is responsible, making himself a target in the process. Bill Roberts, an Inspector with the Toronto police, has decided today was the day to drag himself back to the gym, for the first time since a recent arrest attempt left him with a broken leg. A mishap on his first day back … Continue reading Free Urban Thriller Ebook – Going Under by Silas Payton

Thunderclap Campaign

Hi Everyone! There is currently a Thunderclap Campaign #thunderclap running to help boost the anthology presence around the world… I wonder if you would help us to reach our goal of 100 supporters? We’re at 84 and it won’t cost you anything but a few minutes of your time. The link you need is here: https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/28028-you-re-not-alone?locale=en This will take you to the thunderclap campaign. Simply follow this campaign, then share via your Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr accounts in order to add your social reach to the total gained so far (716,000). That’s it, painless. Your support will generate more exposure for the brilliant … Continue reading Thunderclap Campaign

12 Guidelines You Need to Compile a #Fiction #Charity #Anthology

I don’t envy anyone coming into contact with cancer in any way, it is a traumatic experience wherever it goes. We, as a group of writers want to do what we can to help fight this disease on every level. This anthology has seen sweat and tears, it has demanded dedication, concentration and indeed, frustration at times. While I don’t envy anyone being the one who has to decide things, I’d do it again in a heartbeat if we can provide just one extra Macmillan Nurse to help someone through. I’d like to thank Damyanti who didn’t know me until … Continue reading 12 Guidelines You Need to Compile a #Fiction #Charity #Anthology

Interview with Rebecca Bryn – contributor to charity anthology “You’re Not Alone”

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Today I’m welcoming Rebecca Bryn whom I’ve met through our work for “You’re Not Alone”, an anthology in aid of MacMillan Cancer Care.  This interview is part of a series of blog posts to introduce my colleagues in this endeavour. The anthology is available for pre-order and will be released on July 11.  Twenty-seven writers from around the world, including myself have entered an assortment of short stories for your pleasure, show your support by liking the new page on Facebook and expressing an interest in buying the book.  Amazon for per-order via these links: http://smarturl.it/YoureNotAloneAnth http://bookshow.me/B00Y5RCOOE You’ll… Continue reading Interview with Rebecca Bryn – contributor to charity anthology “You’re Not Alone”

A Call To Action – I need your support!

https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/28028-you-re-not-alone/embed” target=”_blank”>You’re Not Alone Please help me to blast out a promotional post around the world by clicking on the link above. It will take you to Thunderclap – a site recommended to me by a wonder of the blogging fraternity, Damyanti Ghosh. All you have to do is share the link to your facebook, twitter, google+, tumblr accounts and you’ll have done an amazing thing for amazing people. If I can get enough people to support this post, the site will bounce it around the world for up to 3 weeks to promote our charity anthology, You’re Not Alone. … Continue reading A Call To Action – I need your support!

Don’t get Scammed on Self-publishing: What are Reasonable Costs?

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There have been a lot of numbers thrown around lately about the cost of self-publishing. These range from zero to thousands of dollars. I was recently inspired to do a post on navigating though some of the costs of putting a book out, and what might be considered reasonable. A couple of months ago I was encouraging a new writer to self-publish a book he had just finished. I gave him a few websites to check out and left him to investigate. This almost cost him a bundle, for which I would have felt terrible.… Continue reading Don’t get Scammed on Self-publishing: What are Reasonable Costs?

Weight of The World – Lifted

The shift had started well – all things considered. I have to admit though that having been trucking for the last 18 years, give or take, there are times lately when I wonder how much more I can handle. Such was my frame of mind when I set out to work a couple of days ago. Ready with gritted teeth to find out where I would be heading on such a turbulent day, battered by howling winds and some pretty sharp downpours. That in itself usually darkens my mood somewhat. The drive to work was all the more frustrated being … Continue reading Weight of The World – Lifted