On loss and Macmillan Cancer Support- You’re Not Alone

A heartfelt depiction indeed.

Maxpower's Blog

It was with more than a heavy heart that I pressed my lips to my mothers face and said goodbye for the last time. She left me behind I had felt, without saying goodbye and it crushed my soul.

My father had passed two years before and the circumstances of their parting couldn’t have been more different.

I was still a young man and their loss was much bigger than I realised at the time. I had no understanding of how they would be missing from important moments in my life. The intense grief at the time felt insurmountable and I believed like many do at times of sorrow , that those early moments were to be the worst.

More than twenty years have passed and time is indeed a healer. Unfortunately there are some things that hang about you that can strip away your layers and leave you raw…

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