Goin Postal – Book Review

Originally posted on rudders' writing:
Another prolific book reviewer and facebook group activist in her own right, it gives me great pleasure to present my first review of one of her books, Goin Postal & The Creek by Rhoda D’Etorre… Rhoda D’Ettore was born in Woodbury, New Jersey, into a family of 5 siblings–which has provided her with plenty of comical material. She began working at the United States Postal Service at 25 years old, and over the past 15 years has accumulated many humorous stories about situations that the public never gets to know about. Her first eBook, “Goin’ Postal: True… Continue reading Goin Postal – Book Review

One Of Those Days – My Anthology Short for Macmillan

One Of Those Days By Ian D. Moore Today was just going to be ‘one of those days’ – I knew it the minute I fell out of bed a full hour late. It seemed like mere seconds in my hazy, bleary eyed awakening, the recollection of snuggling down into the pillow having bounced the alarm from the bedside table. The realisation that my impeccable routine was about to disintegrate sent me hurtling for the bathroom, yanking on yesterday’s shirt and willing my feet through the bottoms of trousers I staggered over. My life ran like clockwork, it had done … Continue reading One Of Those Days – My Anthology Short for Macmillan