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A must read – Darkly Wood first, followed by Darkly Wood 2

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I think I touch the edge of sanity, blur the lines of reason and skip along a path of obscurity somewhere deep inside my mind.  I’ve kissed the Blarney stone for sure but that’s nothing unusual when you’re Irish.  Sadly the stone has more than touched my heart it’s touched my head.   I have just finished writing a chapter for my current work in progress, The woman who never wore shoes which is my first attempt at a sequel, in this case to Darkly Wood.  When I read back over it as I do to look for instant obvious edits, I realised that anyone reading it will think I am insane.

It’s comes as no surprise to me that I may skirt this path, but for the most part it stays with me and I don’t talk about it,  like a close friend that I’m not sure I really like…

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