Book Giveaway – You’re Not Alone: An Indie Author Anthology

That’s right! You’re not dreaming. Indeed this is a once only chance to get your hands on the FREE PAPERBACK VERSION but not only that. The edition up for grabs is a pre-published edition and one of only THREE that were produced. The version is complete, with all 28 stories. It is formatted with 2nd edit.

All you have to do to win this copy is answer the following question: What is the name of the FATHER in the story Gabriel and the Minister Bird – by Andy Updegrove. Email me ( or comment your answer which you can find by buying the kindle version of the book by clicking the picture below. All correct answers will be placed into a hat and the winner drawn this Friday 31st July 2015. Postage is FREE and the money you pay for your kindle copy goes to Macmillan Cancer Support (100% of the profit) So go on, get yourself the glorious limited edition version (only three ever made) Good Luck


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