Very eloquently put 🙂 A sentiment that should be shared if indies want the recognition many of them so deserve.

lucinda E Clarke

I am seldom serious on this blog, but today I’m making an exception as I have been dismayed reading several posts on Facebook recently. There are thousands of us indies out there on various sites and we all have something in common.

We are trying to sell books.

I am one of them. In this field I am a newbie, I’m starting at the bottom of the ladder, I do have years of experience in writing, but not books and not in marketing.

Before I even put pen to paper or fingertip to keyboard, several TV producers used to insist I included the aims and objectives of the programme.

Indies aim to sell books, most likely to earn money, to share our story and entertain readers, possibly for recognition. It’s a tough world and the competition is fierce. We aim to raise awareness, collect reviews and get our names into…

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