Book Review – Never Say Goodbye – Colin Griffiths – WARNING…!!!

Never Say Goodbye

Three Stars

A word of warning to any author reviewing his work… he WILL leave troll reviews for any detrimental review placed on amazon for his books!!!! You have been warned.

3.0 out of 5 stars Great story, let down by the finishing process., 5 Aug. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)

This story, like a few others that I have happened across, has the potential to be brilliant. The general plot lines keep the reader hooked almost from the very fist page. The author has a talent for ‘telling’ a story and clearly favours the use of his own grammatical system to deliver sometimes detailed scenes which do, from a reader point of view, create images in the mind.

There is a melting pot within this book, a thriller with flecks of added suspense all intertwined with the paranormal aspect. While I did get a certain sense of Bill in the beginning, I was slightly confused as to his actual age – and that of Carol however, as the story progresses it is possible to connect with them to a better degree though some of the other characters I feel could have been developed a lot further. There were also several instances of repetitive statements, differing words but meaning exactly the same as we had already been told.

“Why only 3 stars?” – I hear with resonance. The answer to that is simple. In my humble opinion, this book should not have been released until it was finished, as it appears to be in the draft or first polished stage. I would have serious doubts about whether it has seen a proof reader, and it certainly hasn’t seen a full edit. While the cover looks very good and very professional, that, in my view, is where the professionalism ends.

Yes, yes, there are those who think that ‘telling’ a story should be enough but, sadly, if asking a reader such as myself to part with my hard earned cash to buy a book – given the amount of free and discounted indie books there are on the market that are far and away presented in a superior fashion to this one – then surely it would be prudent to respect the paying public enough to give them at least a reasonably edited and formatted copy of your work, yes?

The potential for this story to hit the 5* rating in honest, reasoned reviews is huge. It has all the right qualities right there, however, I feel that the author needs to take the time to LEARN how to portray those qualities to a much higher standard rather than just cobbling out unpolished, unedited and unformatted works one after another under the poor excuse of being a ‘story teller’ not a writer.

My insistence on the 3* was resolved upon trying the sample of the sequel book, and receiving a trailer for another work by this author which, not surprisingly, contained a typo in the blurb presented in the ad – I’m afraid that was quite enough and I have to be honest and say that until I’m aware of this author seeking an editor for his works, I’m loathe to part with any more money for what is, essentially draft edition work.

In closing, a good story, let down by the lack of effort for the finishing touches that are such an integral part of ANY novel.

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