Bras don’t work in the dark … or do they?

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Bras don’t work in the dark. That’s a fact. Well it is from the perspective of a very particular if not peculiar, male demographic. Lingerie is designed with multi-purpose; to I assume offer some comfort and support, as well as offering the wearer a certain sense of self-confidence and thus creating a positive self-image. In addition to this there is the effect it can have on the male of the species, in that it can arouse the ardour in a man, hence my opening statement that a bra doesn’t work in the dark, at least from one perspective.

It’s a simple, perhapsuniquely male perspective I suppose, but let me elaborate. Imagine if you will that you are a man, (unless you are, then just put yourself into the scene- or indeed if you are a woman attracted to women – same applies) you have arrived at that point in the…

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