Quill Pen Recommended Reads

It has been some time since I wrote here so I figured that I really should unload some wisdom, and a few great titles that you may wish to consider for the upcoming festive period. By clicking on the images, you should go directly to the respective sales pages of those titles. Quill Pen TOP 3 of 2015 This is my NUMBER ONE read this year and you’ll see my review written at the time that I read this book, below. My Review of Nico Laeser’s Infinity Infinity – It seems like such an incongruous word in a world that … Continue reading Quill Pen Recommended Reads

The Max Power Book Awards ; My five star reads..

Originally posted on Maxpower's Blog:
In advance of the 2015 Max Power Book Awards I would like to remind book lovers of some of the great books I have read by reposting here some of the five star reads I have enjoyed on the way to posting my 100th review on amazon. Pick one of these wonderful Indie books today and discover a whole new world of talent. A superb collection of short stories for a worthy cause., July 14, 2015 This review is from: You’re Not Alone: An Indie Author Anthology (Paperback) This is an incredible collection of… Continue reading The Max Power Book Awards ; My five star reads..