The Quill Pen Recommends – Part 2

Continuing with some more highly recommended reads from the archives of The Quill Pen. Below are titles that I have read and reviewed over the last 12 months. There are some very mixed titles here from all genres and if you are new to the indie author readership, you might want to give some of these books a try….

Angels Blood - Sallyann Phillips.png
  Angels Blood – Sallyann Phillips

My 5 Star Review of this novel…

I love, love, loved this book! Considering it’s my first look into the werewolf genre of books, I found it utterly enthralling and on more than one occasion it kept me from doing something I should have been doing purely on the basis of needing to know what happened next.

I empathise with Cade, a man/werewolf you get a real feel for and Tavi, bless her, someone so fargile yet with frightening power and determination. The description of the characters means you feel you’re right there with them, in every scene able to sense in your minds eye their expressions and feelings. The story stirs so many emotions in the way it is written and for a first book from this writer, I think it sets a very high bar for the future, one that I at least will be keeping a close eye on. Sallyann Phillips has a new fan and I’ll be buying the sequels in this series as and when they come out.

It is a compelling story centred around Tavi, a young female Roam who learns to be a werewolf the hard way but in doing so finds new family, new bonds and new trust at a time when she thought no such things existed. It is gripping in it’s twists and turns to the conclusion that has you waiting for the next story so get writing Sallyann!!!! Five stars well deserved.

Sallyann is very dear to my heart, we sort of began our writing quests at around the same time and have lived and learnt as we have travelled the same road. Long may that continue.



Betrayal NEW - Sharon Brownlie
Betrayal – Sharon Brownlie

My review of this work…5* read

This is a story of sheer revenge, justifiably so. The first version of this novel that I read had a number of errors in it that I’m pleased to say were ironed out in the second draft of it that I was given having contacted the author. Upon reading my way through the second draft I was fortunate enough to be able to assist in the third and final draft being presented in fantastic form. In my view, this has made all the difference between what is a good story and what is a great story. It is a daunting process to write a first novel but the bold style and graphic descriptive qualities displayed in the scenes of this book allow a reader to really connect to the lead character Helen.
We begin with Helen’s past, snippets of just how terrible it was are given to us morsel by morsel and there are times when you have to empathise with the overwhelming desire to inflict revenge coupled with suffering upon all those who have wronged her in her short, turbulent life. I personally admired the portrayal of both the female police Detective Inspector Belinda Brennan, a gritty hard as nails character who is described with such expert clarity that it is almost possible to see her in the mind’s eye. Sharon’s ability to transport the reader to the mean streets, or to a seedy location with questionable company makes for great reading in a well balanced story of psychological torment over physical revenge.

I was particularly drawn to poor Toofy who simply had no idea of what he was getting himself into and yet followed his heart because of his feelings for Helen, however one-sided they may have been.
I will be very interested to see what Sharon has for her next offering as this book has kept me reading long into the night. Her efforts in polishing have rewarded her with a well deserved five stars for this.

Another talented and exciting writer, well worth checking out.



Beyond The Law - Tom Benson 3D INVIS
Beyond The Law – Tom Benson

This is one of those Kick Ass stories that every reader needs. You’ll see my review below. Tom is one of the nicest, most generous people you could wish to meet, offering help and guidance to new and upcoming writers alike.

My Review of this book…

A new author for me, intrigued, I delved into this book with vigour. Being ex-military myself, an instant affinity to some of the terminology used in the storyline was quickly formed. Tom has an incredible mind for detail as the circumstances in which we find the lead character, Phil McKensie, begin to assemble his select team of special operatives.
The story begins with a bang, and certainly ends with one too. Throughout, the level of detail and description has the ability not only to put the reader right there in the desert of Kentobi, but similarly in the darkly lit streets of Glasgow and the surrounding areas. It touches on the criminal underworld that the average law-abiding citizen wouldn’t know exists. From the drugs trade, to forced prostitution, every angle is covered, checked and covered again with great precision.
At times, there are so many characters on the go that it made me sit back in awe at Tom’s ability to keep them all in line. Each character has a well-defined personality and each contributes to the success of each “mission” and the ability to grip the reader as relationships, desires and fantasies occur.

Tom successfully managed to completely fool me as to who the mystery operative known as “Chameleon” might be, right up to the very end, which is a fantastic twist to the tale. I loved that fact that each stage eventually had an ending, so many writers have little or no finality, with or without a sequel. As a reader, I want to know what happened to the characters, even after the story has ended. I have to admire that part.
The story has some explosive elements to it that will keep you gripped to the next planning stage and execution. The characters are believable, the camaraderie between the forces elements is very real and in some parts, memorable. For anyone who has never served, it is indescribable yet Tom manages to pull it off really well.

I found this book to get better as it went along, it pulls you in from the beginning but the more you read, the harder it becomes to set down and at times, I found myself reading well into the wee small hours. I based my star rating on the content of the story, the descriptive narration, plots, character definition and dialogue and how the book made me feel both in reading and at completion.
In summary, a book well-worth reading and money well spent. I am aware that Tom Benson has other books and you can be sure that I’ll be checking them out in due course, positive that another story will be found worth reading from this author. Well done Tom! 5* easily.

2 thoughts on “The Quill Pen Recommends – Part 2

  1. An excellent post Ian, rightly bringing some great new inide talent to the attention of your faithful followers. Sincere thanks to you on a personal note for such kind comments.
    While I’m here – I like the clean look of your website, and the name! 🙂
    A wonderful idea for a series of posts.

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