Salby Damned – Max Power Books Recommended Read Award 2015

Salby - Ian D Moore
Salby Damned





It gives me the utmost pleasure to have received this award from very esteemed writer, Max Power in the 2015 Max Power Books Awards. This award for me is humbling, given the seriously talented group of writers that I am in and not only that, it emphasises the true nature of the writers who recognise others in their field, regardless of how many years they may have been writing.

You’ll find more information on Max Power Books in the links below but I just wanted to take a chance to blow my own trumpet for a little bit and bask in the warm glow of appreciation and recognition. This year has been fraught with turmoil but is drawing to a close on such a high. It really is therapy for the soul.

The awards took us all by storm, created by Patrick Christopher Power (Max Power) with meticulous planning and delivery despite unforseen events in the process. It is truly an admirable thing to have done and will help many writers to promote their work for many a year to come. For more information on Max Power Books, please follow this link.

You’ll also find more on this years Max Power Books Awards and all of the winners by visiting here:

My eternal thanks to Patrick, surprising a thriller/adventure author isn’t an easy thing to do 🙂 and my extended thanks to all who check into my little piece of booky cyber space, keep watching, love reading 🙂

One thought on “Salby Damned – Max Power Books Recommended Read Award 2015

  1. Nicely put Ian, and you do right to bask in the glory – it is well-deserved. I have a feeling if there was a category for best newcomer you would have been in the running – if not the outright winner.
    One thing I know you’ll have learned from your first foray into novel writing is how much hard work goes into it, and you’ve also got the ongoing success of your brainchild, ‘You’re Not Alone’, with which we’re all so proud to have been involved.
    You’re also finding out about the support role, and I know you’ll enjoy the rewards of the largely unseen efforts too.
    Well done mate. 🙂


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