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Harmonic Resonance – Nico Laeser. 

Harmonic Resonance - Nico Laeser
Read A Sample of Harmonic Resonance Here

I read this book in just three days, which is pretty good going when you consider my available reading time. If you’re a fan of Nico Laeser you’ll find this book quite dark by comparison to a couple of his other works. Here’s my review posted today on Amazon, it is only a shame there are only 5 starts available to award.

***** Hell hath no fury… and we’re about to find out!, January 20, 2016
This review is from: Harmonic: Resonance (Kindle Edition)
Hell hath no fury… Or so we all believe, but what this tale does is make us, the living in the here and now, question that. From the very first page, we are told what is to come, given a vision of the impending future held within the pages of this novel.

The story begins with Emily, a seemingly worldly shy girl raised on an out of the way farm in the middle of nowhere. What follows is nothing short of brilliance as we are pulled into a conflict created not by people, but seemingly by God Himself. The ultimate battle of good versus evil where the lines of battle have yet to be drawn or understood. In this world, there are no rules.

What would we do if the dead came back to life, not in the all to familiar zombie fashion but gradually? What would we do if the realms of Heaven, Hell and Earth were no longer divided by impassable barriers? The concept of this story is just mind-blowing and it had me thinking from the first few paragraphs about where it might go and I have to say, as a chap with a fairly dark and imaginative mind, this tale blew me away. Nico Laeser does it again with this the second of his works that I have read and thoroughly enjoyed. This one took me just three days to read, such was my eagerness. This book forms part of a set, as far as I am aware, this being the fist tantalising instalment of three in the series. Needless to say, I’m ready for the next part not least because Powell disappeared and my mind won’t rest until our would-be hero is found. I shall say no more on that as it would be a crime to give anything away to prospective readers of this book.

Nico Laeser has a way of luring a reader into a tale, it is subtle, subliminal, and it just strokes the corners of your mind enough to give you a false sense of security, a feeling that you know what will come next before the proverbial rug gets tugged and you’re left sat in the dirt with your elbows on your knees wondering what just happened.

Humankind as we know it prepares for the fight of its existence in this plane. A rag-tag band of people are thrown together only to be mislead by those in power which leads to barbaric and horrific results. We have no comprehension of the power of Hedes, no logical explanation that would convince the masses that Hell could rise to dominate. While ghosts have been claimed to exist in the past, and still do so to this day, we, as a species, have no concrete proof that such worlds above and below us exist after death, and yet in almost every religion around the globe, we have hope that one or the other is there. The question is… why?

This book asks many such questions but it does so while it wraps you up in a dark veil of the human psyche, or more to the point, Mr. Laeser’s psyche which is, when you look at it like that, equally scary. This book gets a resounding 5* vote from me and is yet another reason, if another reason were warranted, why you should consider reading some of his work. You will not be disappointed.

So now you may be thinking… oh, that sounds good, I’ll have to read that… and if you are, then do click on the ‘Read A Sample of Harmonic Resonance’ link to explore the pages therein. You can find more of Nico Laeser and his work by clicking his name in this article or by visiting one of his favourite haunts at the IASD Blog Site. Stay tuned in to The Quill Pen Writes by following my book blog space for more indie author reviews and thoughts.
QP signing off!


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