Z is for Zombies #atozchallenge

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I enjoy a good zombie story or movie, but man, it takes me some psyching up to get through it. Movies are tough, because if you’re at the theatre, you can’t pause it. If you’re at home and watching with other people, you can’t expect them to pause it while you ease your stress. That’s one of the reasons I’m not watching The Walking Dead anymore. I just can’t handle the stress. Which brings me to the zombie story I’m picking my way through right now. I started Salby Damned, a novel by Ian D.… Continue reading Z is for Zombies #atozchallenge

Book Review – Seer of Souls by Susan Faw

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To save the world, they must be born of the world. The battles between the Kingdom of Cathair and the Primordial forces at Daimon Ford are the stuff of legends. Desperate to save the world, two immortals choose to be reborn as mortals, wiping away all memory of their divine existence. But even as Cayden, and his twin sister Avery make the ultimate sacrifice, other gods are plotting against them. At the point of birth, divine intervention and powerful, ancient magic are called upon to snatch their souls from the dying flesh of a princess’s… Continue reading Book Review – Seer of Souls by Susan Faw

Weird and Wonderful World

Twice this week, I’ve been asked why I use Ian D Moore as my name. Well, it’s my name. But that’s not entirely the only reason. You see, when I was fishing for a title for Salby Damned, I wanted it to be unique. I wanted it to be the ONLY book ever called that. In the same way, when I looked up authors with the name Ian Moore, I found a few, some of whom wrote some very bizarre stuff. My full name is actually Ian David Charles Moore, though Ian D C Moore makes me sound pedantic, and … Continue reading Weird and Wonderful World

B is for Books #AtoZChallenge

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For me, ‘B’ can’t be anything else but books in this A to Z challenge. Books are like air to me–I can’t live without them. Here’s what I’m reading now: Tom Benson’s A Taste of Honey. It’s a vigilante story reminiscent of the movie Death Wish, but with a female lead. I’ve always enjoyed revenge stories, especially when it’s a woman kicking ass. It’s disturbing because of the subject matter, but Benson has an interesting style and a dry humour under it all. I’m just at the halfway point in the novel. Ian D. Moore’s… Continue reading B is for Books #AtoZChallenge