B is for Books #AtoZChallenge

From the blog of the brilliant, Val Tobin

Indie Lifer

For me, ‘B’ can’t be anything else but books in this A to Z challenge.

Books are like air to me–I can’t live without them.

Here’s what I’m reading now:

  • Tom Benson’s A Taste of Honey. It’s a vigilante story reminiscent of the movie Death Wish, but with a female lead. I’ve always enjoyed revenge stories, especially when it’s a woman kicking ass. It’s disturbing because of the subject matter, but Benson has an interesting style and a dry humour under it all. I’m just at the halfway point in the novel.
  • Ian D. Moore’s Salby Damned. Yes, it’s a zombie story, and I was reluctant to pick it up. But Moore ties it into fracking, which gives it an interesting twist. I’m reading it slowly, warily, afraid it might get too gruesome. I’ve been told it’s not, but I’m squeamish. And yes, I recognize the irony…

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