Sweating like a filthy lying tramp…

From the blog of Max Power – writer, teller of tall stories, author of fabulous stories 🙂

Maxpower's Blog

Compliments and lies are all easy for a fella like me. I sweat bullshit for God’s sake. In fairness I’m an honest man who wouldn’t hurt a soul but there is a filthy lying tramp just beneath the surface. Fortunately I’m a bit like Superman. I have all this power but I use it only for good… and sometimes just for the craic.

Craic is a very Irish thing. We love to have the craic. If you have a night out or a weekend away, it’s vital that you have the craic. “Ah the craic was great.” Sure why wouldn’t it be. There is no point in living life if you don’t have fun. Sometimes having the craic depends on a bit of looseness with the truth. I for one have been known to tell the odd porky (lie) but only for the craic.

I live in Kildare now, but…

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