Z is for Zombies #atozchallenge

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I enjoy a good zombie story or movie, but man, it takes me some psyching up to get through it.

Movies are tough, because if you’re at the theatre, you can’t pause it. If you’re at home and watching with other people, you can’t expect them to pause it while you ease your stress. That’s one of the reasons I’m not watching The Walking Dead anymore. I just can’t handle the stress.

Which brings me to the zombie story I’m picking my way through right now.

I started Salby Damned, a novel by Ian D. Moore, because it has good reviews. They say it’s not too graphic. But there are zombies in it. There’s already been one attack.

Because I anticipate more violence and brutality, it’s damn hard to pick up the story and keep reading. But I want to find out what happens, so I’ve made a vow…

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