It’s a funny writing world…

Strange things happen to writers in their everyday lives away from the confines of the keyboard, notes, research, and the like, all indicative of their latest WIP. By profession, I work long hours trucking up the highways and byways of this fair island delivering hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of goods every day. On my travels, I frequently tune into the local radio stations, news bulletins and of course, the traffic reports. It is primarily in my work that inspiration hits me for a project to be, or indeed, one currently in progress. Several times this month alone, a … Continue reading It’s a funny writing world…

A Marketing Experiment

For those ‘in my circle’ as it were, updates on progress of Salby Evolution have been thick and fast of late. The first draft is complete. After a mammoth session editing, I decided to go cook food. As I cooked, an idea came to me that wouldn’t leave my mind. I was thinking about back matter, oddly. Wayyyy ahead of where my focus ought to have been. I recalled somewhere that it was a good idea to put a chapter to another book in the book you’re publishing, but then, I only have the two books. Now, while I can add a … Continue reading A Marketing Experiment

Hear Me Now, Believe Me Later – Reading Your Own Work Out Loud

Originally posted on Eric Lahti:
Back when my son was younger his favorite book was Dr. Seuss’s Fox In Socks. Now, for those of you without kids, that book is one gigantic tongue twister. There’s even a warning on the cover about the book being dangerous. The first time I tried to read it to him I stumbled all over the place. It was the literary equivalent of a rumble strip. It starts out pretty easy, but before you know it the book is repeatedly punching you in the teeth. After finally getting through the Tweetle Beetles part, I set… Continue reading Hear Me Now, Believe Me Later – Reading Your Own Work Out Loud