Dirty pints and squished nads…all in a days work.

From the colourful world of Max Power, so it is 🙂

Maxpower's Blog

I’d rather pick peanuts from a camel turd using only my flared nostrils, than revisit some very peculiar moments of my life. Leaving aside the multitude of deep emotional tragedies that we all invariably face as we pass through this life, I have had my fair share of icky, sticky, ouchy mc gouchy type of experiences that in fairness, have done me no harm when it comes to my writing.

I’m a demon for using things that have happened to me, perhaps with a twist or two to get to the pain or sorrow I need when writing a book. For example, I nearly drowned once, one tale I have yet to use, I went towards the light on the operating table, peeked through and crawled back into the comfort of the dark on this side, and that will definitely feature in a future book. But in truth, it’s really…

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