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Salby Evolution - Ian D Moore
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One man holds the key to our future. One man holds the key to our extinction.


The merciless Salby viral strain, sweeping across the country, spawns a new breed of predator.

Simon Lloyd, borderline alcoholic, must vanquish the demons of his past and change his single-minded ways.

Filled with resentment, he enters a world far removed from his own. He must choose to take a stand for the greater good or risk losing his estranged wife and children forever.

Against overwhelming odds, unethical science and the prospect of eternal exile, the decisions he makes will shape the future of mankind.


It’s here! Yes, finally, Salby Evolution is now available on pre-order worldwide. If you’re a fan of good old-fashioned paperbacks, you won’t need to wait until 1st August to get your hands on the story. It should be out around about the middle of July, a couple of weeks before the ebook goes into the world. As ever, if you venture into my world of deadheads and bullets, do leave me a review on and the .com site – your voice makes a difference to indies like me.

As a bonus, Salby Damned is now at just 99p in the UK and the equivalent USD price if you’ve never read this genre before. Get the full picture by picking up a copy now, ahead of the sequel release. Come join the mayhem of the Deadheads! You’ll find Salby Damned below.


This is where it all began… I hope you’ll enjoy both books… there will be more in the future…

Salby Damned - Ian D Moore
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The small, rural town of Salby hides a deep, dark secret.

In the quest for sustainable energy in the form of Shale Gas Fracking, a formidable force of science is released which sparks a fight for survival for two of the town residents.

Nathan Cross, a smalltime town reporter, and Evelyn Shepherd, a beautiful, mysterious council leader, must fight for their lives.

Some things were never meant to be created…





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