The Little Things in Life

All around me, bombardment of news, events and happenings flood into my personal space. Today, much like every day away from work, I become one of the masses once again. My transformation is slight, casual clothes and less of a burden, without the need to be somewhere sometime. My day didn’t start as I’d hoped mind, no. My body had other ideas, refusing point blank to allow me to wake at the desired hour, instead seizing upon an opportunity to eek out every minute of sleep afforded, as if it knew that I wasn’t at work. That’s all very well, … Continue reading The Little Things in Life

The tattoo, the writer, and the RAK

For three long weeks I’d planned this day, right down to the last detail. Timings, routes, and possible delays I had taken into consideration as I worked out the best way to my destination. A couple of weeks before, I’d finalised the design to be tattooed up my right side, something I’ve wanted to do for awhile now. Sure, I’d seen hundreds of designs and yet felt the need to draw my own. That’s what I did one night after work. Yes, it’s rough and not to scale, but it’s been a few years since I took up a pencil … Continue reading The tattoo, the writer, and the RAK