An Indie Author’s Ally

We’ve all been there, sat at our flickering screens marvelling at our completed first draft. When the stars stop spinning, realisation smacks us square in the face, dampening our joy. What do I do with it now?

I remember, a couple of years past, when I’d completed my first novel. I knew little about the publishing industry, the how to’s, and more importantly, the who to’s. I set about designing a cover, opened photoshop, that program that had sat on my machine since forever, and began to dribble. Yup, clueless. Ohhhhh, look what that button does, no wait, nooooo, I didn’t want to do that. How do I get it back? Bugger, start over. And so it went on … for DAYS.

Someone mentioned ‘editing,’ hmmm, it doesn’t need that, it’s fine, I thought.
Over a year later, I’d edited my novel as best I could.
“It needs a beta reader Ian, ” I heard.
What’s one of those? You mean I have to pay for someone to read MY book?
Not what I had in mind when I wrote it. Okay, a beta reader it is.

When the edit came back looking like a drug addict had played with an Etch-A-Sketch, I resolved to up my game. On my travels in indie world, I’ve encountered a wealth of talented people and I’ve studied hard to learn the hard and fast flagstones of writing a good novel.

A few weeks ago, my beta reader Sylva Fae spoke of creating a business aimed at Indie Authors specifically. We had worked together many times in the past, and Sylva reads everything I publish, reports on it, and picks it apart with a detailed report upon which I can make changes. It isn’t a critique as such, it’s an appraisal. Another friend and talented author, Sharon Brownlie, took to designing book covers. High quality, made to requirements and way under the several hundred pounds I paid for my first cover, they take one huge burden off the struggling indie’s shoulders.

It dawned on me that together, the three of us could provide a professional, affordable service to struggling indies, catering for experienced and beginners alike. Our combined writing experience and other talents enable us to view a novel from both sides of the writing desk. Now, what about me, you may ask, where do I fit into this?

In my quest to write better, more appealing stories, I’ve been studying hard, learning fast, and applying that knowledge. I took to editing other people’s stories and found the authors responses encouraging. I set about studying more towards editing, which is where I fit into the above mix. A few weeks ago One Stop Author Services was born. Since then, we have helped two authors with their manuscripts and received feedback from those we helped in our individual roles before we joined forces.


We are here to assist authors at every stage of their publishing journey. We not only provide professional services at very affordable rates, we also provide guidance and advice far beyond, going that extra mile for our clients to ensure your manuscript is presented gleaming.

You can find us here at