The Quill Pens’ Signed Library

On this page, you’ll find the kindle links to every paperback that my personal library currently holds, just click the covers. These are books that I have read and reviewed, in most cases, and are currently in paperback form on my shelf. ONLY signed-by-the-author books get to enter my library and I think you’ll agree, there’s some serious talent there. Click the images to go to the book sales pages.

The Gamblers - Christoph Fischer
Read A Sample of The Gamblers

Ben is an insecure accountant obsessed with statistics, gambling and beating the odds.When he wins sixty-four million in the lottery, he finds himself challenged by the possibilities that his new wealth brings.

He soon falls under the influence of charismatic Russian gambler Mirco, whom he meets on holiday in New York. He also falls in love with a stewardess, Wendy, but now that Ben is rich he finds it hard to trust anyone. As both relationships become more dubious, Ben needs to make some difficult decisions and figure out who’s really his friendand who’s just in it for the money.




Aime - Lucinda E Clarke
Read A Sample of Amie – An African Adventure

Aime was just an average girl, living in the town where she grew up, close to her friends and family. She was happily married to her high school sweetheart and she had her future all planned out. They would buy a house on the new estate on the other side of town, have two adorable children who excelled at school, while she made award-winning programmes for television. She was going to have a happy and contented life.

That was, until the day her husband announced he was being sent to live and work in an African country she’d never heard of. When Aime came to the notice of a Colonel in the African government, things started to escalate from bad to worse.

If Aime could have seen that one day she would be totally lost, fighting for her life, and enduring untold horrors, she would never have set foot on the plane.


The Clouds Aren't White - Rachael Wright
Read A Sample of The Clouds Aren’t White

At the start of a hot September day, Emmeline MacArthur has it all, a devoted husband, a spunky daughter, and a comfortable life. As the day draws to a close and three shots ring out from an old handgun, Emmeline is left with nothing but heartbreak. A widow with a fatherless child.

Overwhelmed bu grief, Emmeline uproots her daughter and takes a job in Scotland. An idyllic life is not what awaits Emmeline as she confronts her daughter’s pain, a new romance, and another tragedy which lies just around the corner.

Full of drama and the pain of reality, The Clouds Aren’t White probes the essence of sacrifice, motherhood, and grief.




Primed By The Past - BDS 3D INVIS
Read A Sample of Primed by the Past

Scottish detective Annie Macpherson, on an exchange with the Westford Police in Conneticut, didn’t believe that Angela Goodman was in danger when she presented herself at the station. Now Annie knows different. Angela has been brutally atacked in her own home and left for dead.

Annie is determined to make amends and catch the culprit, not only for Angela’s sake, but her own. She’s a third-generation cop and has a tradition of fine police work to uphold.

Within days, a fatal car crash in Massechusetts initially seems to be an accident, but subsequent evidence points to something much more sinister. The result: yet another victim and yet another detective trying to fit the pieces of a jigsaw together.



Murderous Little Darlings - John Hennessey
Read A Sample of Murderous Little Darlings

With two specimens of the undead on either side of her, Juliana knew there was no escape. Kill the one they had selected for her, or be killed, and become one of them. What had the neighbours in the road called them, back when their childhood pranks were just that?

Oh yes, she remembered now. Murderous Little Darlings. They had the faces of angels, but possessed the very soul of the Devil.

Marcus had fully embraced his vampire side from the moment he was born. Rocco was the second eldest, and had fought the temptation all of his life. Then Marcus finally broke him.

That just left Juliana. Will she resist them, or join in the hunt?



Not What You Thought - Paul A Ruddock
Read A Sample of Not What You Thought

A varied collection of flash fiction and short stories, mostly funny, some sad, and others more dramatic and poignant.

From the humour of several twist in the tale type stories to those of the harsh realities of the world we live in, a collection to both entertain and keep the reader guessing. Among such stories: a drastic way of dealing with those annoying cold callers that plague our peace and quiet, poetic justice for those who would profit from the suffering of others, the touching story of how a father helps his young son come to terms with the death of his mother, and a husband’s unique way of saying goodbye.

There are also an additional ten stories from five very talented guest authors, including a hilarious account of an April fool’s joke, a couple of very funny stories and some hard hitting stories of comeuppance, and an intriguing story of a businessman’s unexpected but very welcome encounter with a beautiful young woman.

These and many more…

*With guest contributions from the following authors:
Tom Benson – Lesley Hayes – Peter Nena – John M.W. Smith – Matthew Williams

All the author’s royalties from the sale of this book, excluding those that go to Amazon and other retailers, are being donated to the “Forget-Me-Not” charity for homeless ex-servicemen and those affected by PTSD, details of which can be found at their website:


Haruffa Tales - Kenneth E Hautala
Read A Sample of Haruffa Tales

Beyond the constraints of Time, Life, and Death, there are powerful unseen forces; these forces oversee the movements of life as the balance between good and evil heaves like the waves of the sea. And within the spiral of time, an eternal love causes the chords of the soul to thrum with an unrelenting anthem. This living, evolving melody is etched into the psyche of a most unlikely hero—a young, sickly child who was, by all accounts, not expected to survive, let alone be conceived. In the city of Madra, two healers joyfully anticipate the birth of their long-awaited son, Haruffa. But after only a few short weeks, it becomes apparent that he is quite ill. Desperately petitioning the supernatural Aspects of Life, Death, and Time, the child’s parents beg for help at any price. Their cries for mercy are duly heard and answered. The timing of Haruffa’s birth is, in fact, no accident: he is to be appointed and equipped to overcome the greatest threat to life upon the planet—the evil necromancer, Bruab, and his growing undead army.


Silence of the Stones - Rebecca Bryn
Read A Sample of The Silence of the Stones

Alana determines to ecape her past and grab her future by the throat, whatever the cost. Opportunity beckons when she’s left a run-down cottage in a West Wales’ village by an aunt she didn’t know existed, but her past is catching up on her, and someone is out to get her. Strange runes painted on her door and carved onto ancient stones in a stone circle, hint at a dark undercurrent of tragedy and intrigue, and she is caught up in the village’s conspiracy of silence over a thirty-year-old crime.
An eccentric old woman who casts runes, an ambitious young female investigative journalist, a two-year-old girl, a good-looking male busker and an ex-lover make unlikely bedfellows but combine to send Alana on a voyage of self-discovery that blows her world apart. Can she discover the truth hidden in the stones in time to save those she loves?
Set in the fabulous Welsh countryside, the story takes you on a journey of injustice, revenge, lies and madness, rune-casting, murder, arson, splashing paint about and general mayhem.


Infintiy - Nico Laeser
Read A Sample of Infinty 

A seven-year-old boy is hit by a car and momentarily separated from life. When his eyes reopen, he can no longer discern the boundaries between reality and delusion, or perhaps between this life and the next.

After a childhood spent battling mental illness and nightmares that blend with waking life, he will spend the rest of his life within the periphery of society, displaced, discarded, addicted, and desperately searching for a place in this world, fighting against an intensifying downward-spiraling current.





Beneath the Rainbow - Lisa Shambrook 3D invisi
Read A Sample of Beneath The Rainbow

“It’s those silly dreams that keep us alive.”

Dreams define us, shape us and realise our potential…they make us who we are.

Freya won’t let anything stand in her way. Not even death.

A heart-breaking event leaves Freya’s family devastated, but Freya has left clues to her secrets and her family need to uncover them before it’s too late.

As she watches from beyond, hope and stories of love prevail. Her united family help, however, as final yearned for wishes remain unfulfilled, time begins to run out.

Freya is certain she’s the only one who can help as precious life hangs in the balance.



Blood Ties - Angela Lockwood
Read A Sample of Blood Ties

After meeting his maker on the battlefields of the First World War, Cameron Blair has spent almost a century coming to terms with his new vampire identity. Along with a taste for human blood and lapdogs, he has acquired the linguistic skills of his victims and learned to survive in the shady underbellies of Europe’s great cities. The end of Language in the Blood sees Cameron facing a dilemma when blame for one of his kills gets laid at his best friend George’s feet. Cameron discovers a deeply buried vestige of humanity and surrenders to the French authorities – a decision he soon regrets as it becomes clear they don’t have quite the same heroic role for a vampire agent in mind that his own vivid imagination does.

Locked up, his needs denied, misunderstood and plagued by an unhealthy obsession with his friend’s daughter, the bored vampire edges close to insanity. Before long, Cameron starts plotting his escape.


Read a sample of Sam’s Song

Love Hurts. For Derwena de Caro, songstress, female icon, teenage dream, success brought drugs, alcohol and a philandering boyfriend. It also brought wealth, fame and a stalker, or so she claimed. And that’s where I came in, to investigate the identity of the stalker, little realising that the trail would lead to murder and a scandal that would make the newspaper headlines for months on end.

Love Hurts. For me, Samantha Smith, Enquiry Agent, love arrived at the end of a fist. First, I had to contend with an alcoholic mother, who took her frustrations out on me throughout my childhood, then my husband, Dan, who regarded domestic violence as an integral part of marriage. But I survived. I obtained a divorce, kept my sense of humour and retained an air of optimism. I established my business and gained the respect of my peers. However, I was not prepared for Dan when he re-entered my life, or for the affection showered on me by Dr Alan Storey, a compassionate and rather handsome psychologist.

Sam’s Song. This is the story of a week that changed my life forever.


Read a sample of Strain of Resistance

My name is Bixby. I was 12 years old when the world ended. A mysterious mist had blanketed our world, turning most of the population into blood-sucking predators. The few of us left uninfected…well, we were the prey. Vanquished to the bottom of the food chain.

For eight years we’ve fought this alien war. Barely surviving. Not knowing which day would be our last. But now we face a new threat. The parasite that took us down is evolving. Becoming smarter. Stronger. Deadlier.

The infected took everything from me. My home. My family. The man that I loved. No more.

This is the story of our resistance.




Read a sample of Dawn of Rebellion



In a desperate future, sisters Dawn and Gabby are trying to find their way and their family. As they encounter the forces of British occupation, they also come across the seeds of rebellion in a land previously known as the United States of America.

Faced with the possibility of losing her sister, Dawn must find the strength to overcome everything that is thrown in her way. With the help of unlikely friends, she travels to a wild land and faces enormous obstacles at every turn, from barbaric people to the wild animals that roam the land.

This adventure is much more than Dawn bargained for… but it’s for her sister, and she is determined not to let her down.



Read a sample of Seer of Souls

The battles between the Kingdom of Cathair and the Primordial forces at Daimon Ford are the stuff of legends. Desperate to save the world, two immortals choose to be reborn as mortals, wiping away all memory of their divine existence.

But even as Cayden, and his twin sister Avery make the ultimate sacrifice, other gods are plotting against them. At the point of birth, divine intervention and powerful, ancient magic are called upon to snatch their souls from the dying flesh of a princess’s poisoned womb.

The royal family of the Kingdom of Cathair has always been the physical Spirit Shield of the world. With the murder of the entire royal family, who guards the secrets within the castle walls? Can the magic of the gods, old and new, ensure the safe keeping of the immortal treasure within, and if they fail, who will choose for the unborn?

Helga, the goddess of the underworld, is not amused and has set into play a diabolical scheme of her own.

There is a little place called Sanctuary by the Sea and chaos is about to pay a visit …

This is Seer of Souls, Book one of the Spirit Shield Saga, a fantasy read for all ages.


Read a sample of The Experiencers

Agency black-ops assassin Michael Valiant deals death without question. He knows it’s all in the name of duty and the fight against terror, particularly at a time when the earth is as close as it’s ever been to self-destructing.

Psychic medium Carolyn Fairchild is happy and contented, living in a nice home in Newmarket, Ontario, with her husband and daughter. All Carolyn wants is to live in peaceful obscurity. Unbeknownst to her, the UFO group she belongs to has made it onto the Agency’s hit list. When, one by one, the members in their group die or disappear, Carolyn grows desperate.

Ready to complete his latest assignment, Michael confronts Carolyn in her home but faces a difficult choice: finish the mission or do the right thing.

A New Age Science Fiction thriller that delves into existing UFO and doomsday weaponry conspiracy theories, The Experiencers keeps readers riveted with non-stop action while the characters struggle to control destinies that may have been determined lifetimes ago.


Read A Sample of Hawaiian Lei of Shrunken Heads

HAWAIIAN LEI OF SHRUNKEN HEADS is Katerina Sestakova Novotna’s first fiction book. It is a collection of murder stories that are dark, funny and philosophical at the same time. They all take place in Hawaii, a place known for ethnic and cultural diversity, and they present a few different perspectives on race, religion and other topics. The author, a philosopher by training, is not afraid to touch controversial questions that have puzzled the greatest thinkers in a humorous and nonacademic way. The narrators of her stories are not scholars. They are personalities as diverse as an insane Native Hawaiian murderer, a white racist veteran, a Buddhist student, a Russian prostitute, a mutt dog and many others. Humans are slaughtered as a sacrifice to gods in these stories, so some parts of the book are gruesome and not suitable for more sensitive readers. Yet it is not a horror book in the strict sense.



Read A Sample of Mount Haven 

When Rowdy Cooper is injured in the line of duty and forced to take a medical retirement from the police force it sends ripples throughout his entire family. His brother Coop, who works for the same department, is questioning the wisdom of remaining on the force. Coop’s wife, Maggie is having nightmares and is terrified her husband is going to die an early, violent death. Their son, Bryan, is acting out and fears for his father’s safety every time he heads off to work. Rowdy is depressed and struggling to come to grips with the fact he will never be a cop again. The men decided it’s time for a change. They relocate their small family to a ranch they inherited in Mount Haven. Rowdy hopes the change will give him the solitude he needs to work out and regain his strength. His brother Coop hopes it will finally help his family heal.

Bailey is on the run. So far, she’s been able to stay under the radar by working in dives and keeping to herself. The instant she got off the bus in Mount Haven, she fell in love with the tiny town. The people are friendly and the scenery is amazing. Her family would never look for her here. Maybe she can finally stop running and settle down. She is sure that luck is on her side when she lands a waitressing job at the local bar and grill. That luck turns to bad luck when the owner sells the place to a retired, cocky ex-cop. Rowdy makes her nervous. He is too perceptive for Bailey’s liking. There go her dreams to end a life on the run. But when her past catches up to her, the only person that can keep her safe is the sexy ex-cop that has turned her best laid plans upside down.

TRIGGER WARNING…This book contains references to rape and homicide.














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